After being here almost 10 days there is still so much to do and see. The amount of art that is just out on the streets and part of the everyday landscape is remarkable.

This morning I was out and about by 7:30AM to take photos and sketch. The temperature was actually very cool and the city quiet, the street vendors were just setting up and not many people were out.

So, I took the opportunity to go to some typical tourist spots before the tours groups converged. I think I ended up getting some nice photos.

Later today I am planning on going up to San Miniato. The monks that live there still do the vespers in Gregorian chant everyday in the early evening. Our museum tour guide, who is an art historian and an art conservator, recommended it. It is located across the Arno all the way at the top of the hillside overlooking all of Florence. It sounds like a very special place, a nice way to spend a Sunday.